About Me

I am 28, a secondary school mathematics teacher and I live in London with my (new!) husband. I have a very busy schedule and don’t often have time to cook during the week, hence most of my repertoire consists of quick (30 minute-ish) meals that I can get on the table after work. A lot of the things I cook are stolen and adapted from my mum’s recipes, some are things I have made up and improved as I have gone along. At the weekends I enjoy trying out new recipes from my (growing) recipe book collection, however I tend to adapt them based on what I have in the fridge/cupboard or what I am able to buy in the local supermarket. My dream is to live somewhere that I can source local produce from small independent shops (butcher, greengrocer etc.) and have more time to experiment with new dishes. With an upcoming move to Madrid on the cards for the near future I am hoping this dream may be getting a little closer…

I have stuck to predominantly gluten free diet for the last few years after trying to identify the source of food intolerances. I often just follow recipes but replace key ingredients like flour for a GF alternative, but there are some things (pastry!) that just can’t be beaten. I am trying to do more gluten free baking following some new books given to me, so watch this space for more of this.

I don’t have a sweet tooth (much to my husband’s disgust!) so most of what I cook is savoury. Hence my belief that a pinch of salt and a drizzle of oil (or sometime lemon or lime) will bring any dish to life before serving! I always have a starter (never a dessert!) when I eat out and like to try and recreate anything yummy in the restaurants I have visited. I have started the blog to record my own cooking adventures as I have a tendency to forget things we have enjoyed and want to avoid getting stuck in a cooking rut with time and work pressures. It will also save me packing my recipe books in the imminent move making important space for my shoe collection!

Hopefully something I share might provide some inspiration for someone stumbling across by blog, and if so I look forward to hearing from you.


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