Beef Cheek Wellingtons

I have never eaten beef cheeks before, but oh yes, I will again…

I picked up two beef cheeks due to them being on promotion at the butcher counter of local supermarket, and on account of never having come across them before. I quickly googled ‘beef cheek recipes’ and up came a Good Food recipe that sounded fantastic: Beef Cheek Wellingtons with Peppercorn Gravy. As it was a Sunday the 3hr 45min cooking time sounded fine – an afternoon of cooking awaited me!

Turns out the cooking time didn’t include the two periods of fridge time, both of which recommended ‘up to 24 hours’. Oops.

So I powered on with the Wellingtons adapting the timing as I went along. Other than this I followed the recipe and ingredients pretty accurately, so follow the link here for the full description. In step 3 where the mixture is cooled for an inordinate amount of time I made do with 15 minutes in the freezer. In step 5 I chilled the wellingtons for 15 minutes in the fridge before cooking.

I cheated by using ready rolled pastry which was another time saver, and given the small size of my counters I think its worth the extra pennies! As always, I attempted to make the sauce using creme fraiche instead of cream for a healthier alternative. It worked out really well and I would make it again for a steak sauce in the future. I served them with some stir fried crispy kale, seasoned with a pinch of salt.


I was completely blown away by how amazing the meat tasted inside the little pastry parcels. Yes it was a bit of a faff rolling them up but it was totally worth it. What made it even more worth it was the fact that I had doubled the recipe from the start leaving us with an incredible week night meal that took 30 minutes int he oven to cook. A must for making this in the future and they can even be frozen individually to keep for longer.